Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How Agrochemical Products Help in Production

Just think on the matter, if a larger part of production produced by farmers gets destroyed by insects, weeds and pests: what would be their metal condition? You will agree with me that nothing can be more disheartening for them than this. So killing of these never wanted pests is naturally a matter of prior interest to them. Naturally the question comes how to safeguard their production and kill these pests. It's not a matter of taking tension but easy enough. Here a farmer needs to apply agrochemical products to his crops. Applying the pesticides and insecticides on crops this problem can be solved to a significant level.

Basic information about agrochemicals

Agrochemicals refer to the products or substances which are used actively in managing agricultural ecosystem. They are also known as crop protection products. They play a significant role to inhibit the attacks of pests, fungi, weeds, diseases and other undesirable pests which are considered as serious threats to the crop production. With the growing population the shortage of food is being discerned and day by day it is becoming more and more acute. In this scenario, unless we can control these pests, we will be in great problem and a scarcity for food might come to us in near future. So these agrochemical products appears to be a boon to us because of the substantial benefits offered by them provide a solution to meet the challenge of more food in less land.

Benefits related to agrochemical products

It is supposed that production of agrochemical products have two-fold benefits. The primary benefit is that they combat with various problems related to undesirable pests, insects, fungi etc. The secondary benefit of it is that agrochemical products indirectly alleviate poverty as they improve agricultural productivity.

Various types of agrochemical products

Agrochemical products comprise a full array of products like: pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. However in different forms or names they come to us but all of their purpose is same. Their main aim is to protect crops from the harmful attacks of pest, insects, unwanted weeds and fungi respectively. These products again can be classified into four sections: inorganic pesticides, organic pesticides and pre emergent and post emergent herbicides.

Application of agrochemical products

It is the most effective part requires a good understanding, for lack of knowledge in application often leads to serious problems for the users and environment. Therefore, it is mandatory that a user must have basic understanding before applying the agrochemicals on crops.