Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Some Different Forms of Snake Repellent

Snake repellent sounds like a wonderful product. Anything that you can spread on your lawn that is suppose to get rid of snakes and keep them away, is a great idea to me. However, there are many products out on the market, many different choices of ingredients, and really no guarantee that they are going to work. While I will not recommend using powdered snake repellents, just because a lot of what I read says they do not work, here are some of the more popular options and an explanation of how they work. Also, just because I will not recommend them does not mean they do not work, it is simply that I do not know, because there are people that swear by them.

The principal behind these products, either the spray or powder form, is that snakes have very delicate sensory organs in their body. If you can irritate those organs, causing the snake pain and them being uncomfortable, than there is a great chance you can scare those snakes out of your yard. Powders and spray are supposed to use ingredients that are going to irritate those organs.

Lots of people use ingredients such as moth balls, cinnamon, sulfur, and things of that nature. These ingredients smell harsh, but most people say they tend not to work. Some brands say they have natural ingredients that scare snakes away. I do not know what those are, so cannot comment either way on their effectiveness. I have read that some people use lime, which does not make any sense to me. That can be a dangerous chemical to humans and other animals, and should not be spread out on anyone's lawn. Some people even use diesel fuel, which cannot be effective, and if it is, not effective for very long. It may also be an environmental concern.

While we all hope that simple products like these can help scare away snakes and solve infestation problems, they may or may not work. One way to get rid of snakes is to change the environment around your house, getting rid of food sources and shelter. This requires a lot more work than just spraying or using a powder, but should get great results over time. If you do use snake repellent products, please use them correctly and safely, and I would love to hear about your successful results, or results that were not as effective.

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